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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: BenefitMall, Dallas, TX USA
Nomination Category: Benefits Management Solution - New

Entry Title: BenefitMall Client Ready Census (CRC)

Products Essay:

BenefitMall is a national provider of employee benefits, payroll, HR and employer services. Working with a network of more than 20,000 Trusted Advisors, comprised of Brokers and CPAs, BenefitMall enables more than 200,000 small and medium sized businesses easy access to affordable quality workforce solutions including employee benefits, payroll, compliance, and HR.

To help insurance brokers prepare for the busy fourth quarter renewal season, BenefitMall introduced the Client Ready Census (CRC) in 2016. CRC is a comprehensive online data collection tool that enables insurance brokers and their clients, to prepare and share enrollment data how and when they need it. Brokers invite their clients’ employees to fill out necessary demographic data related to acquiring health benefits. The data is then imported into the BenefitMall’s quoting tool, Client Ready Quote System® (CRQS). Together, CRC and CRQS make it easy for brokers to create and deliver quotes to their clients faster than ever before, and eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional approaches.

Benefits of CRC include simplifying processes and turning data into meaningful insights. It also accelerates business efficiencies with trusted data and improving overall data quality. CRC enriches and combines data sets to drive faster, more reliable health insurance proposals. Not only does CRC allow brokers to invite employers and employees to complete census information and integrate this information into the existing CRQS platform, but it also allows employers to confirm registration, easily edit employee information and send invitations to employees. It also provides automated notifications to both employers and brokers when employees complete an entry or when employers finalize information.

CRC is extremely easy to operate. Brokers simply log into CRQS and begin to create a new quote.

Once prompted to import census data (which was previously done with strenuous spreadsheets), CRC activates by asking the broker to enter the email address of the client they would like to invite. Once entered, CRC sends an automated message to the client inviting them to create an account. Once the client creates an account, they can email an invite to all their employees. The employees are asked to complete three sections –

1. Employee: The employee section asks for basic health enrollment information on the individual employee such as name and age
2. Family: The family section asks for similar data, but for spouses and dependents that are expected to be covered
3. Coverage: The coverage section allows the employee to whether they plan to enroll or opt-out of medical, dental, vision, life, and disability coverages

Once completed, the employee submits their data to their employer. With CRC, the employer can see reports on which employees have submitted their data, and which employees are still pending.

Reports are available in either on an overall pie chart, or in an exported individual report.

After the employer has collected all their employees’ census information, they submit the census back to the broker through the CRC dashboard and the broker is notified. Next, the broker moves into the quoting process by selecting different plans and providing the most accurate quotes and proposals to their clients.

CRC virtually eliminates hypotheticals, providing some of the most accurate health insurance
quoting data available today. CRC is a free, value-added service provided to all BenefitMall brokers using the CRQS platform to build and provide quotes to their clients. Key statistics include:

-6,000+ brokers sell through BenefitMall a year
-Of the employers who received a CRC invitation from their broker, 50% completed CRC registration 100% of employees who received a CRC invitation from their employer submitted census details

Products Summary:

-Accelerates business efficiencies with trusted, quality data for benefits proposals
-Allows brokers to invite employers and employees to complete census information
-Integrates employer and employee census information into existing CRQS platform for faster, accurate proposals
-Includes automated notifications for both employers and brokers when employees complete entries and complete full census data
-Eliminating strenuous spreadsheets, CRC automates data entry for the broker and employer as a self-service tool reducing human error
-Employers have the ability to see reports on which employees have submitted their census data, employees that are still pending via a pie chart or exported report
-CRC virtually eliminates hypotheticals due to employees fulfilling census data
-CRC is a free, value-added service provided to BenefitMall brokers
-CRC allows brokers to resend notifications to employers that are showing pending
-CRC provides personalized email templates from the broker to the employer throughout the process