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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: AINS, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD USA
Nomination Category: Employer of the Year - Computer Software - Up to 250 Employees

Entry Title: AINS


AINS is a leading global provider of cloud-based, adaptive case management platforms and solutions. Since 1988, AINS has empowered over 380 organizations around the world to rethink how they work by providing innovative software solutions and services. The development of case management technology has become an emerging approach to solving real-world business challenges across the public and private sectors in the past 25 years. Case management frameworks reduce the complexity of creating case-style process solutions by embedding best practices and architectural patterns into unified frameworks.

The AINS Agile Development Methodology allows our teams work with rather than for our customers to determine the best ways to meet their needs for a business process management solution. Our staff members are experts in our customer’s needs—remaining flexible when their priorities shift and requirements change. With this key insight into our user community, management of new customer implementations, and the recognition received across the IT community, AINS remains inspired to continuously innovate solutions that help our customers do their work faster and better. This has resulted in a company culture that prioritizes knowledge, efficiency, and collaboration—making AINS a great place to work.

Since last year’s submission for the 2016 Stevie Award nomination, AINS has delivered on its promise to implement programs and processes necessary to anticipate expected growth. AINS has embraced a new feedback loop for instituting change; by eliciting insight from employees and ensuring that the company’s success is directly influenced by staff, AINS is committed to being a great place to work.

Each of the new initiatives we’ve adopted has been designed to directly address responses provided by the first-ever Employee Engagement Survey, distributed this January. Survey results were collected, analyzed, and presented to all AINS employees in March at a company-wide meeting. Following the results, the AINS Leadership Team outlined specific actions that they are committed to taking in order to meet gaps expressed in the employee survey.

Some significant findings from survey responses include:

-Participants represented each department at AINS, with equal distribution across departments
-59 out of 75 employees responded to the survey (79% completion rate)
-74% responded that they are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with AINS as an employer
-Much interest in learning more about our target market, competitors, benefits, and technology
-77% of respondents feel that their manager understands the benefits of maintaining a work/life balance
-69% of respondents feel comfortable communicating issues to management
-67% of respondents agree that AINS prioritizes customer needs above all else
-60% of respondents stated that they would definitely recommend AINS as a place of employment to a colleague or friend
-AINS has committed to taking the following specific actions in the next 6-12 months, based directly on feedback given in the survey:
-Bi-annual staff surveys, semi-annual company update meetings, and a quarterly company-wide newsletter
-AINS University Initiative
-Leadership Lunches
-Lunch & Learn sessions on various topics
-Internal Training Calendar
-Employee Engagement Committee
-Commitment to increasing project resources
-Generating a product release schedule with published product roadmaps including the institution of Product Managers for specified lines of business
-Promoting career planning, management training, and other professional development resources

The AINS Leadership Team envisions significant growth to continue at our company and acknowledges that this can only be achieved as a team by gaining more insight into the evolving business processes of our customer-base and by gathering and incorporating staff feedback.

AINS consistently motivates staff to be innovative, empowered, and involved in the core mission and values of our company. AINS is committed to providing a culture of continuous learning and growth in order to develop our footprint in the business process and case management market.

Employer of the Year Summary

1. Appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for Development
2. Strategic Projects completed at DOL OIG, OPM, and DOJ
3. Key Client Wins at SECNAV, NARA, DoED, USDA, and DHS CBP
4. Established a distributor relationship with immixGroup, launched the AINS Partner Program, and AINS Success Portal
5. eCase HR ER/LR Solutions were selected as the “solution of choice” by NFC
6. Awarded the Silver Stevie Award for Great Employers in 2016
7. Awarded Workflow Management Coalition’s Adaptive Case Management Award for URAC’s Accreditation Case Management System
8. Recognition by Gartner as one of the top Case Management vendors in the world in the 2016 Critical Capabilities and 2016 Magic Quadrant for BPM-Platform-Based Case Management Frameworks
9. Converted most SaaS customers to new version 10 of FOIAXpress, AINS’ Open Government Case Management Application
10. Made key sales hires to strategically round out team